This group was in part founded when women with this rare disease and their caregivers began searching for information on the web. They eventually found each other through various sources and started a Facebook page of their own in 2010. They have a public page as a resource to all, and additionally a private group for patients and caregivers to discuss treatment, side effects and other issues in a more intimate setting.

Las Vegas

  • Las Vegas 2018

In April, 2011, the Small and Large Cell Cervical Cancer Sisterhood began attending the annual The OMG! Cancer Summit for Young Adults, first in New York then in Las Vegas, NV. They use this conference as a place to meet other sisters and their caregivers in person once a year. This is an opportunity to celebrate survivorship as well as mourn losses and enjoy some relaxation amongst sisters in Vegas. The Sisterhood sponsors travel each year for some members who cannot afford the trip on their own.


Several of the women affected by this disease have shared their journeys from diagnosis through treatment and into survivorship. Please read their remarkable stories.


Jennifer Dunmoyer

Please read the story of how Jessica Dunmoyer, sister of a patient, Jennifer Dunmoyer, first began fundraising for research.


Suzanne Kane

No one ever expects to hear the words, “You have cancer”, at the age of 36…


Mona Wike

I was a happy, married woman and mother of two small children, aged 2 and 4. After working several years as an auditor, I had only a year earlier started as a manager of an accounting office, and enjoyed life as it went on.


Angela Flick

It is pretty amazing to me that if we quiet our minds and our hearts, God is in there speaking to us so clearly.


In 2011, some of the sisters joined together to create a channel on YouTube dedicated to Small and Large Cell Cervical cancer in order to promote awareness. To date, there have been over 7000 views of the videos on this channel.

The Checkyourbox
Small Cell Cervical Cancer/Cervical Cancer Awareness
Small Cell Cervical Cancer Awareness Video 2013
Small Cell Cervical Cancer Awareness Video 2014
Where our Journey has taken us. Small and Large Cell Cervical Cancer Sisterhood
2011 OMG NY
SCCC/LCCC girls go to OMG Vegas Movie