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We recently started an ongoing cancer registry through an Institutional Review Board approved study at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. The purpose of the research is to obtain information about diagnosis, stage, treatment and survival of women with this disease.

Research Papers

Gynecologic Oncology Article (2017)

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IJGC Article (2019)

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IJGC Podcast

Dr. Michael Frumovitz is interviewed on the IJGC podcast in 2019.

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Molecular Profiling

We will be conducting a study at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center to test high grade neuroendocrine cervical cancers, including small cell and large cell, for molecular alterations. We recently received Institutional Review Board approval and will be beginning to collect tumors for testing soon. We hope that by identifying some of the mutations that occur in these tumors, we can design future clinical trials that will use appropriately targeted chemotherapy.

Clinical Trial

In the near future, we hope to work with the Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG) to develop a clinical therapeutic trial which will be available to women with high grade neuroendocrine cervical cancer. More details will follow as this develops.

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